Coastline walk 2017 | PARTICIPANTS MUST KNOW
The now-legendary Coastline Walk is once more inviting everybody to challenge themselves. Its third incarnation is different though - it is even grander, bigger and a lot more fun! Put your strength to the test, discover the beautiful nature of the Curonian Spit and experience sweet fatigue after conquering a long-distance walk! Everyone will be able to choose their own challenge, as Coastline Walk 2017 proposes 5 routes: 12 ½ km in one go, 25 km in half a day, 50 km in a day, 50 km in a night, 100 km in 24 hours.
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It must be noted that there is no simultaneous start and every route has been assigned an individual time slot in which participants must make their start.

100 km in 24 hours    07:00 – 09:00
50 km in a day             08:00 – 10:00
25 km in half a day     10:00 – 12:00
12 ½ km in one go     11:00 – 13:00
50 km in a night           20:00 – 21:00

It is highly possible that you will get stuck in a queue while parking, taking ferry or registering therefore we suggest giving yourself some extra time and arriving about 1 hour ahead of your planned starting time.


We would hate to see you guys stuck in traffic or struggling to find space for parking and therefore late to begin the hike. Thus we have prepared a map with recommended parking lots and bus stops marked to make your arrival as convenient as possible.

  • To all of you coming from Nida side of the Curonian Spit the best and most reliable way to get to the start zone in Smiltyne is public transport. Nida-Smiltyne bus will be on a more frequent and early schedule on the day of the event and will take you to the start zone exactly. Bus schedule and tickets are available to purchase online.
  • Everyone coming to the start zone in Smiltyne from Klaipeda is entitled to a free ferry transfer with their Coastline ticket from the Old Ferry Terminal (GPS: 55.706431, 21.123191).
    We highly recommend participants to leave their personal vehicles in the recomended parking zones in Klaipeda and use pedestrians only the Old Ferry Terminal for the transfer.
  • Ferry schedule has been adjusted to be more frequent:
    – First ferry from the Old Ferry Terminal departs at 6.30 AM
    – During the peak time (9.00-12.00 AM) ferries will circuit more often to satisfy demands of  participants
    – Last ferry from Smiltyne to Klaipeda is to depart at 11.15 PM on 13th of May, next departure is scheduled for 1.15 AM and 5.15 AM
  • We have to warn everyone decided to use their own cars to get to the start zone in Smiltyne. The number of parking spots around that area is highly limited thus trafic jamms and lack of parking vacancies is highly expected from the early hours of the event. In order to avoid being late and stuck in trafic we suggest leaving cars as far as possible from the start zone.


Every participant is entitled to a storage of belongings service which is especially important for long distance hikers.

Criteria for the storage:

  • Participants are entitled to check in one storage unit per person;
  • Unit of belongings has to be packed in a neat and compact manner using bags and backpacks, no plastic carrier bags or similar unreliable packaging will be accepted for the storage;
  • Bicycles will be accepted for storage as a unit of belonging;
  • Belongings will be accepted and released in Smiltyne only, transfer services will not be provided;
  • Belongings will only be released to the owner of the same participant bracelet they were submitted with.

EVERYONE must bring:

TICKET no need to print, mobile version will be fine.
MOBILE PHONE fully charged and bring power bank if necessary.
EXTRA CLOTHES warmer and water resistant pieces with help in case of cooler evening and poor weather conditions.

50 km in a night and 100 km in 24 hours participants should have:

SLEEPING-BAG AND MAT in case of cutting walk short you will have where to comfortably rest. Items can be held in storage.
FLASHLIGHT Headlight or torch


In accordance to the Coastline Walk rules:

– By signing up, individuals under 18 who wish to attend without parents or guardians confirm that they  have acquired their consent concerning their participation in the walk.
– Children who are under 16 can only participate in the walk along with their parents, guardians or trainers.
– Individuals under 18 are not allowed to participate in 100 km walk.


Only the kilometres walked by the hikers who successfully finish or announce termination of the hike to the volunteers will be added to the score of the team.