Coastline walk 2017 | Renewed Walking Routes: We’re Going to Smiltynė
The now-legendary Coastline Walk is once more inviting everybody to challenge themselves. Its third incarnation is different though - it is even grander, bigger and a lot more fun! Put your strength to the test, discover the beautiful nature of the Curonian Spit and experience sweet fatigue after conquering a long-distance walk! Everyone will be able to choose their own challenge, as Coastline Walk 2017 proposes 5 routes: 12 ½ km in one go, 25 km in half a day, 50 km in a day, 50 km in a night, 100 km in 24 hours.
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Renewed Walking Routes: We’re Going to Smiltynė

We are inviting you to take a look at the renewed routes of Coastline Walk 2017, which aim to improve the event infrastructure and provide you with an even more varied and picturesque experience. All routes of the coming walk will be contained within the Curonian Spit. They will also be radial – both the start and the finish line will be located in Smiltynė. We want you to witness the beauty of this unique place in broad daylight! Not only will you be able to enjoy the golden sands of the Baltic seashore, but you will have a chance to take in the magic of the forests in the Curonian Spit as well.

We will also enable you to rest more often during the course of the walk, as we are planning to set up a great many new leisure and help posts within every route. The terrain of the routes will also be more varied, so as to make the walking easier on your legs – you will pass through some splendid forest pathways and bike paths of the Curonian Spit, as well as sandy beaches.

There is a new, shorter route in the walk of 2017 too – 12 ½ km in one go. It is tailored towards beginners, families and those of you who feel like taking a relaxing walk while enjoying the nature of the Curonian Spit, but are not yet ready for long-distance routes.


  • 12 ½ km in one go – a walk around Smiltynė
  • 25 km in half a day – Smiltynė–Alksnynė–Smiltynė
  • 50 km in a day – Smiltynė–Juodkrantė–Smiltynė
  • 50 km in a night – Smiltynė–Juodkrantė–Smiltynė
  • 100 km in 24 hours – Smiltynė–Nida–Smiltynė