Coastline walk 2017 | Pets, accommodation, registration fee, FAQ
The now-legendary Coastline Walk is once more inviting everybody to challenge themselves. Its third incarnation is different though - it is even grander, bigger and a lot more fun! Put your strength to the test, discover the beautiful nature of the Curonian Spit and experience sweet fatigue after conquering a long-distance walk! Everyone will be able to choose their own challenge, as Coastline Walk 2017 proposes 5 routes: 12 ½ km in one go, 25 km in half a day, 50 km in a day, 50 km in a night, 100 km in 24 hours.
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Pets, accommodation, registration fee, FAQ

The winds of spring have already started whooshing through the windows of TrenkTuras, reminding us that the day of our meeting at Coastline Walk’17 is approaching fast. Preparations have gathered pace, so we are in a rush to present you with the latest news.                                            


We have been getting a lot of questions from walkers who want to take their dogs along with them and we are happy to confirm that your four-legged friends can participate in the walk as well. However, you have to make sure that the rules of pet care are duly observed throughout the event.   

You must also have all the necessary pet care products, including waste bags, with you.


As the 13th of May draws nearer, you should consider planning your pre- and post-walk rest out. Those of you who wish to enjoy the pleasure of relaxing at the most convenient of places right next to the starting/finish line in Smiltynė must hurry up and book their beds at the recently-refurbished Smiltynė Yacht Club.

Please note that the number of vacancies is swiftly decreasing! Book now


Those of you who are still putting their registration off should be aware that the participant‘s fee will increase on the 1st of March.

If you have made your decision, the best time to sign up is NOW!


We are trying to consider everything beforehand and answer your questions before they even arise. You can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions on our website. FAQ had been updated recently.