Coastline walk 2017 | 25 km in half a day
The now-legendary Coastline Walk is once more inviting everybody to challenge themselves. Its third incarnation is different though - it is even grander, bigger and a lot more fun! Put your strength to the test, discover the beautiful nature of the Curonian Spit and experience sweet fatigue after conquering a long-distance walk! Everyone will be able to choose their own challenge, as Coastline Walk 2017 proposes 5 routes: 12 ½ km in one go, 25 km in half a day, 50 km in a day, 50 km in a night, 100 km in 24 hours.
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On 13 May (Saturday), you will have to arrive at the start of the walk in Smiltynė (by the Old Ferry Terminal) by your own means. If you arrive at the ferry by the Old Ferry Terminal in Klaipėda and present your participant’s ticket, on the day of event you will be able to board the ferry and reach the starting and registration zone in Smiltynė free of charge.



You can arrive at the start of the walk in Smiltynė at your chosen time between 10 AM and 12 PM.



Once you reach the registration zone, we will scan your ticket (printing it out is not necessary – a mobile phone is enough) and present you with a starter pack, which includes:

  • a control bracelet (you will be served at the posts only while in possession of this bracelet);
  • a participant’s passport with a map, directions and a list of contact phone numbers;
  • other information and tools related to the walk.



You will be able to start walking right after the registration between 10 AM and 12 PM. There will be no collective start.



There will be 6 rest and assistance stops set up along the route*, where you shall get your participant’s passport marked. You will also be able to fill up your water supplies, have some tea or snacks and receive necessary first aid there.

*number and locations of the rest and assistance stops might change as the event draws nearer.



0. Startas Smiltynėje (Start at Smiltynė) (55.706083, 21.110475)
1. Smiltynės kopa (Smiltynė Dune) (55.703902, 21.099288)
2. Birstonas (Birstonas tourism information center(12 ½ km Side-turn) (55.678564, 21.104532)
3. BENU pharmacy (Benu pharmacy) (55.642362, 21.107923)
4. Perskindol (Perskindol gel(55.622327, 21.107475)
5. Vytautas (Vytautas mineral water(55.642624, 21.125218)
6. Naujoji perkėla (The New Ferry Terminal) (55.685548, 21.129097)
0. Finišas Smiltynėje (Finish at Smiltynė)



Participants wishing to cut their walk short will have to arrive at the nearest leisure and help post by their own means – they will then be returned to the starting/finish line in Smiltynė by special transport.

Participants will be able to board the ferry and reach the Old Ferry Terminal in Klaipėda free of charge. The ferry operates from 7 AM to 9 PM.

Participants who do not finish the walk will receive diplomas noting the number of kilometers walked at the nearest post after presenting their participant’s passports.



The finish line will be located in Smiltynė. Participants who finish the walk there will receive diplomas and remembrance medals. They will also be able to board the ferry and reach the Old Ferry Terminal in Klaipėda free of charge. The ferry operates from 7 AM to 9 PM.

What every participant receives

  • ferry ticket

    transporting pedestrians from Old Ferry Terminal to the Curonian Spit on the day of the event and back

  • bracelet

    for check-up and identification at the posts

  • participant's passport

    table for check-up marks and useful information

  • route map

    for easier orientation

  • water

    still water bottles or refills at almost every post

  • hot tea

    at almost every post

  • food


  • transport

    back to Smiltynė in the case of cutting the walk short

  • storage of belongings

    in Smiltynė

  • diploma

    for every participant with an exact number of kilometers walked

  • medal

    after successfully finishing the route of your choice

  • support

    for Kuršių Nerija National park